Many people look back on their lives and wonder how time went by so quickly. Often they are more successful than they expected, but saved less than they intended. Their lives are more complex and less predictable than they anticipated.

When it comes to your financial goals, each decision you make and action you take will have a significant impact on your future financial circumstances. A good financial blueprint will lay out what you need to do today to achieve your goals tomorrow.

This is financial planning. As your FINANCIAL ADVISOR, Eric Neumann will listen, clarify and help prioritize your goals and aspirations before developing a personalized plan designed to help you achieve your vision for the future.

Eric Neumann can help ensure your financial future is all you want it to be.

Ask him to assist in achieving your secure financial future at (847) 663-7137.


The Challenge and the Solution

We are ordinary people living in extraordinary times, confronted with enormous demands and responsibilities. Often, we face priorities that prevent us from stepping back for a proper look at where we stand relative to where we want to be. Successful people are busy because we have the ability to "hyper-task,” to manage an enormous amount of competing demands. The responsibilities of our professional success can gobble up our time, resulting in neglect of the very reason we work so hard: to enjoy life and provide long term financial security for ourselves and our families.

Eric Neumann's proactive approach employs the use of investment and insurance products to support his clients' business and estate goals. He and his support staff serve a vast array of clientele, from professionals, closely-held businesses, and affluent individuals and families throughout multiple states.  He specializes in working in cooperation with specialists and the clients' professional advisors to offer solutions that help fund their investment, retirement, college education, business succession, executive benefits, and estate preservation goals.

Eric Neumann is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of his clients’ financial concerns. He begins with the end in mind, helping his clients turn vague generalities into meaningful specifics. Using in-depth fact-finding and needs analysis, followed by unique product solutions, Eric and his staff focus on serving each client’s individual financial needs as their lives progress.


A Common Vision

Eric Neumann’s clients have four things in common:

1. They value a relationship with an expert who understands, educates, and supports them; more importantly, he stays in touch as their situations evolve, personally and professionally.

2. They expect a sensible methodology and process that helps identify and quantify needs, goals, and solutions as well as keeping them on track.

3. They want to know that there is a dependable support team in place along with specialists and professionals they can call on when needed.

4. They respect quality and want to employ world-class insurance services and internationally recognized investment products for their financial needs, whether for accumulation of wealth, protection of their family or business interests, or the preservation of their wealth and legacy. 


My Mission

As a Northwestern Mutual Advisor, I want to understand your vision for the future. Your vision is unique. Your plan is customized for you.

My mission is to help secure your future and protect what is important to you.


Eric Jörg Neumann, CLU®, ChFC®, CASL®, CLTC®, RICP®

Wealth Management Advisor

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